Who uses virtual assistants?

You might be wondering if your needs can be met by a Virtual Assistant. You likely don’t know many people who have used a service such as this and are curious as to who, exactly, uses Virtual Assistants as their secret weapon in business.

Is a Virtual Assistant for Me?

The short answer is, YES! Whether you’re big or small, a virtual assistant can be an invaluable asset for you.

If you have tasks that are taking time away from more important pursuits – YES!
If you have things on your wish list that you’re not sure how to accomplish yourself – YES!
If you have busy periods throughout the year where a little extra man-power would be a boon – YES!
If your to-do list is getting longer, rather than shorter –  YES!

VA Tasks

What types of industries do Virtual Assistants work in?

Let’s face it. Love it or hate it, admin work is a necessary evil in every industry. Without it, a business would fail at the first hurdle. The issue can be that the administration side of a business can take a lot of time, especially if it’s something you don’t like doing, or are so busy that things just keep piling up. An idea of industries where VAs have partnered and added value:

The list goes on, and on, and on….

Occupations Virtual Assistants help

What types of businesses do Virtual Assistants help?

There are three broad categories of business that LumenVA assists.


You’re a solopreneur, either starting out or well into your business journey. You’re probably wearing several different hats and juggling every aspect of your business by yourself. You can’t do everything and be effective and efficient. With a Virtual Assistant, you don’t have to go it alone all the time. I can help you with


You run a microbusiness and have been doing well, but know you could be doing better.

I can take a look at how you’re doing things and suggest improvements and automations. I have found that many times businesses are just not using their current systems and software to their full potential. It’s likely that you can do more with what you already have! 

Maybe you have some things that just need a little polish, or a series of monthly tasks that you just don’t have time for. Maybe you’re good for the majority of the time, but need help at certain times of the year, or to get special projects done and dusted. 

Larger businesses

You’re a manager in a larger business or educational institution with a project deadline looming or a chaotic month-end. With advanced skills in Microsoft Office, including Excel, I can help you beat that deadline and relieve some of the pressure from your regular staff during your busier times.

Virtual assistants save time, money and sanity!

Save Time. Save Money. Save Sanity.

The common thread is that virtual assistants help people save time, save money and save their sanity. If this sounds interesting to you (and why wouldn’t it?!), get in touch today! I’d love to discuss your requirements and see how we can work together to make things better.