What tasks should you give a virtual assistant?

Alright. You’re finally convinced that it’s time to hire a Virtual Assistant (VA) but you’re really not sure exactly what it is you can outsource. Short of physically filing your paper files, a VA can assist you with virtually any of your business tasks. 

Task categories

If you think about it, there are two categories of tasks every business owner or manager needs done. 

The things you know how to do, and the things you don’t.

Tasks you know

Obviously, if you already perform a task, you’ll be able to explain it to your VA. If it’s a recurring task and you have engaged your VA on a monthly retainer, they’ll be able to take care that task going forward. 

If you partner with LumenVA, we’ll work together to identify the tasks that can and should be delegated, freeing you up to get on with the rest of your business.

Tasks you don't know

Virtual assistants often have specialties. If you require someone with specific knowledge outside of your own skillset, such as building a website, producing graphics or preparing charts or pivot tables from your data, you can find a VA who can add value in that way as well. 

LumenVA offers a variety of specialised services that might be outside your own comfort zone.

Tasks to give your VA

Delegate, and move forward

You shouldn’t be wasting your time slogging through the nitty-gritty administration tasks of your business. Your time is more valuable spent on fostering client relationships, following leads, promoting and growing your business.

Some tasks you can outsource to Nicola at LumenVA would include, but aren’t limited to:

Email detox, email management, booking appointments, transcription, bookkeeping (invoicing, reconciliations, overdue invoice follow up…), social media graphics, social media audit, implementation of social media strategy, business documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint or their open-source equivalents), website design, website maintenance, workflow/process review, helpdesk set up, CRM set up…

Take a look at the services and case studies pages for more ideas.

Task list

You very well may have a bunch of tasks that spring to mind, or perhaps you just feel like you’re floundering  – I’d be delighted to chat. If you know you need help, but aren’t sure how that might look, let’s book a complimentary discovery call and I can walk you through some ideas.