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Dr. Feargal O’Neill from ATPO talks about his experience with LumenVA

I started LumenVA with a deep desire to provide exceptional service to my clients, ease their workloads and bring my knowledge and technical skills to their businesses. I work hard to meet and exceed expectations. I’m so grateful for and humbled by this recent testimonial provided by Dr. Feargal O’Neill who is the managing director of ATPO – Alternative Thinking Processes for Organisations.

quotation markATPO, an Irish based company, helps organisations to identify blocks to development, re-establish momentum and grow to full potential. The offering includes group sessions for organisations of all sizes, targeted skills training and consultation for managers and leaders, in addition to regular structured small group leadership support networks (Pow Wow with ATPO). All very much dependent on face to face, in person interaction.

Then COVID-19 arrived and everything changed. To start with, the ATPO offering was no longer possible in its normal guise. But more importantly it soon became apparent that many businesses and organisations of all sorts were in free-fall. Once I got over my initial sense of helplessness I wanted to do something to help fellow leaders and managers in whatever way I could.

I decided to develop a remote free version of the Pow Wow, and to do it quickly, so that it could be of benefit to as many leaders and managers as possible, as soon as possible. I needed to trial the model I had developed. Once proven to be viable I wanted to offer it to as wide a range of fellow managers and leaders as I could identify.

Sounds simple in concept but there was just one really big problem. I had no idea about remote working, remote support networks, remote trials and only some idea of remote messaging to fellow leaders.

That’s where Nicola swooped in with her can-do attitude, coupled with her tech knowledge and her professional network connections. And on top of all that, Nicola’s assistance over and above the initial brief was way beyond my expectations.

Nicola got completely involved in making the whole venture a success. From making sure the trial of the “Pow Wow with ATPO – Remote” worked like a dream, to ensuring the presentation and PR for the service was of the highest quality, to providing ongoing support and advice in relation to the expansion of the offering for the benefit of leaders and managers both nationally and internationally.

Dr Feargal O'Neill from ATPO

I cannot recommend Nicola highly enough to anyone who’s struggling with the technology or administration side of their business. Just get in touch with LumenVA and you’ll be looked after by the best.

I look forward to working with Nicola again.

Dr. Feargal O’Neill – Managing Director at ATPO