Cyber security month - good password management

October is the European Cyber Security Month. You can check out the official ECSM campaign website here.

The term “cyber security” can sound a little daunting. Anyone else picturing that streaming green code from the Matrix? This month, I’ll show you some really simple and free steps you can take to improve your security.

This post is part of LumenVA’s series for Cyber Security Month.
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Improve Your Cyber Security - Step 1 - Passwords

Upping your password game is one of the best ways to enhance your security.

I know that lots of you reading this are guilty of having your passwords written down and stuck someplace RIGHT NEXT TO YOUR COMPUTER – queue IT professionals everywhere silently weeping in the corner.

cyber security - passwords

Yes, you have about a thousand passwords to keep track of. That’s difficult. Your brain is full of other stuff. To cope with this, you might use the same password, or some variation of it, for several logins (those poor IT guys are getting louder over there).

You need to get yourself a password manager. I personally use and recommend LastPass. For most purposes, the free version will be more than adequate.

I installed the app on my smartphone and the internet browser extension on my desktop to make life even easier. 

Using A Password Manager To Improve Cyber Security

Cyber security - update your passwords

Actually, I do need to remember ONE password. That would be the master password for LastPass itself. In this case, it’s a good idea that you don’t set your password hint to something like “blah blah blah”! If you ever forget your master password and see this as your password hint, you’ll hate yourself. Trust me.

Conclusion / TL;DR

Part of your plan for your cyber security should be to ensure all your passwords are strong and unique. With a password manager like LastPass taking the headache out of this process, there isn’t any excuse to not take care of this step today.

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